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Securely Stake, Confidently Earn
Empowering Growth, Maximize Rewards with Time Deposits
0 fees with all staking products


Users and Validators

Hodlnodes enables anyone to create a time-deposit product with any ERC-20 tokens


Time-deposit protocol

By locking up tokens for a specific period of time, users can earn higher rewards on their staked tokens. 


Incentives for HODLers

Users who HODL till the end of the product's maturity will collect not only the staking rewards, also the penalty rewards made by users who withdraw earlier.


Stability of ETH network

Hodlnodes products encourage a long-term commitment from validators to the network, which can provide a stable and predictable number of validators that can greatly benefit the overall Ethereum ecosystem. 

HODL Features

it always seems impossible until it's done -- Nelson Mandela

Time-Deposit Tool for Projects to use for free

One-Click becoming ETH network validators

No Fees to HODLers

Self Custodial Staking

On chain open-sourced smart contracts

HODL : )

HODL Classic
​ETH Goerli testnet version

The Hodlnodes Goerli testnet product is a beta version of the Hodlnodes Classic time-deposit product. Our focus is to provide secure financial instruments to individuals who hold theirs tokens for the long term. To become a HODLer(Hodlnodes user), just click Stake now!

Steps to participate in
Time-Deposit Classic


Link Metamask wallet to Hodlnodes app


Choose your favorite product to participate


Deposit your tokens to ETH network through HODL smart contract


Earn ETH network staking reward and other rewards


Retrieve your funds and accrued rewards upon the product's materialization

To provide time-deposit products for users seeking to lock their assets for specific durations.

To maintain ETH network stability by letting staked tokens only stay in validators and incentive users who hold and stake their tokens longer.

More to Come

The Hodlnodes team is continuously engaged in development and improvement.
If you encounter any issues or have any matters you wish to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to Your support is greatly appreciated!
Hodlnodes team

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